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How Much Do Companies Save by Offering a Financial Education Program to Their Employees?




Based on national studies, between 35%-40% of American workers are financially distressed and dissatisfied with their financial situation. And according to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (www.personalfinancefoundation.org) each of these employees is costing their company between $450-$2000 per year in loss of productivity, absenteeism, turnover, workplace distractions, increased healthcare costs and theft. In a company with 1000 employees, that a loss of $157,500 each year (35% or 350 employees x $450 = $157,500).


Companies providing financial education show results that include improvement in workplace productivity, employee morale and company loyalty, while reducing absenteeism, turnover and operational risk across the company. Financial education programs have the effect of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the company’s bottom line. The ROI generally has a return of 4:1.


A recent article in Personal Finance and Worker Productivity, concluded that “workplace financial training can help ALL workers, including those with few or no money problems find an extra $1,200 a year to save.”


Our Target Debt Free, online financial wellness course, teaches employees how to achieve financial wellness, including debt-elimination, how to find extra money in one’s paycheck (reverse budgeting) and money management. Employees need this training in basic financial literacy if they are to improve their financial lives. When they improve their financial health, your company will save money.


Benefits of using Target Debt Free over any other financial wellness program for your company: 


1. Immediate access

2. Employees can do it on their own time and at their own pace

3. Employees will benefit greatly and thank you for your assistance and encouragement

4. Increased productivity

5. Increased profits

6. Reduced absenteeism

7. Reduced pressure to increase salaries

8. Increased employee motivation and engagement

9. More Profits, better employee relations and... let me remind you... MORE PROFITS!


HOW is this implemented?

We recommend the following:

1. Inform your employees that you would like to encourage them to sign up for the program.

2. Explain to your employees that this is very much to their benefit using these materials, and others we could provide for you.

3. We suggest that you reward every employee who finishes the course by reimbursing them 100% for the course. This gives them a much higher incentive to get in the program and stay in the program (very critical they get to the end of the program). In fact it does not COST, it PAYS to reimburse your employees... in many ways as I outlined above.

Of course if you prefer not to reimburse your employees, you may be able to simply show them the program is available and many may see the value and subscribe on their own.

Get started on helping your employees achieve financial wellness.